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Revolutionary AI Website: Your 24/7 Digital Representative

Zapmail brings a breakthrough in customer service with its AI-driven website, powered by Open AI. This platform engages in natural, real-time conversations with your customers, ensuring continuous, responsive interaction. It’s like having an ever-alert digital representative, enhancing customer experience and streamlining communication at all hours.

What’s an AI website?

What’s an AI website?

Tailor-Made AI: Customized to Represent You

With our AI website, you input your data to ensure the agent authentically represents your organization. You have complete control over responses and the information shared with customers, making each interaction uniquely yours.

Effortless Lead Generation Around the Clock

Your agent works 24/7; collecting and nurturing leads for your business, handling thousand’s of inquiries each minute.

Zero code setup

Launch quickly without coding – just inform Zappy about your business, update your DNS, and you’re live!

Chatbot-Managed Conversations: Step In Only When Necessary

Our chatbot handles all customer interactions, alerting you only for crucial situations. This ensures efficient communication and allows you to focus on important tasks, stepping in only when absolutely necessary for optimal customer engagement.

Coming soon

WhatsApp Integration

Have Zappy respond to customer inquiries across any platform. Email, WhatsApp, Website, etc. Zappy can handle them all, replying to everyone instantly.

AI Website

Interactive website to collect leads and respond to customers instantly.



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500 replies monthly
Unlimited lead collection
Update your info anytime
All conversation history
WhatsApp integration (coming soon)
Analytics dashboard (coming soon)

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