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White Label Communication Platform: Customized for Your Brand

Create a unique email service with our white label platform, fully customized to feature your branding on top of Zapmail. Align every aspect with your brand, from the logo to the design, for a distinct, brand-centric communication solution. Ideal for businesses seeking a bespoke communication platform that truly reflects their identity.

Who’s it for?

Large Organisations

Ideal for sectors like banks, military, and holding companies needing a private, customized communication solution. This extends to educational institutes, marketing agencies, and construction businesses seeking secure, internal and external email communication.


Perfect for domain registrars, B2B tech companies, and telecommunication providers. They can resell our custom-branded platform to clients such as software development companies, accounting firms, and design studios.

Your own branding

Customised with your own brand assets, with your own logo, colours and login portal.

Customised features

Integrate to your data or have customised features your organisation needs. Built on top of Zapmail to make it your own.

Deployed on your private server

Host your own data on a cloud service provider of your choice, or on your own private server.

Talk to us

let’s have a chat about how we can customise Zapmail to meet your requirements.