Unifying Workplace Communication with Email Messaging

Save time on app hopping and get the best of both worlds; Business email and messaging

Why people “love” Zapmail

Flexibility, choice, and making work communication feel more natural – all while representing your company brand.

PriyangaFounder at Yanga
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"A great platform. This is easy like a WhatsApp group and with universal email connections."
Vimukthi B.
Vimukthi B.Director at Orag Lanka
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“Zapmail offers a simple and clean design, and the default dark mode are awesome..
Ignacio Francini
Ignacio FranciniFounder at Remoting.la
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"As a 3x co-founder, I know how important is to keep communication coordinated and unified. Zapmail does such a great job for all these.."
Lochana M
Lochana MCEO at EdTech 24/7
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"I love the fact that I get a company branded email with great features like AI assisted writing.."

The power 💪 of emails with the simplicity of chat 💬.

Emails like messages.

Forget juggling between different apps; Whether you’re sending an email or brainstorming with your team, it’s all under one roof.

Formal or casual? You decide

Break free from the one-size-fits-all email format. Communicate based on the situation and the person you’re talking to-all from one place.

Improved team engagement.

When people feel free to choose, they work better, collaborate more, and bring their best selves to the job.

Human choice, supercharged by AI.

We combine human expertise with AI assistance. Our solutions take your choices and decisions, making them even smarter with the help of AI

Connect with anyone.

Since we are using business emails, you can connect with anyone- even if they are not using Zapmail.

Our Range of Products: Elevating Branded Communication to New Heights

Business email messaging for your entire team.

Transform business emails into real-time chats using your company domain, streamlining work with organized, accessible conversations in one view.

Enhanced Web Interface for Seamless Business Interaction

Allow your potential customers to interact with your business 24/7, collect leads and continue conversations all from Zapmail.

Send personalised bulk emails in just a few clicks.

Your data is never sold, shared, or monetized. Sign up and upgrade without sharing any personal information.

Where emails are as flexible as chats, and communication is defined by you.

The future of communication

Join our 2000+ person business community that contribute to building a truly collaborative email experience.